How to Convert to Efoil and Ride

How to Convert to Efoil and Ride
In the following video you will learn everything about: How to eFoil
Video chapter:
How to convert to efoil in minutes
00:26 - How to assemble foil
01:16 - Remove the jet pump
01:34 - Remove the cooling tubes
01:56 - Remove the electrical plugs of jet pump
02:26 - Install the electrical plugs and cooling tubes of foil pump
03:16 - The efoil assembly is all attached main wing and tail mast
03:22 - load the battery
03:38 - Finished the efoil assembly
04:25 - How to ride the efoil
1) 04:28 - Carry to the water
2) 04:39 - Float it upside down into deeper area 
3) 04:50 - Flip over
4) 04:55 - Start like a jetboard
5) 05:01 - Keep the nose down
6) 05:08 - Stand up - It's easier to balance
7) 05:12 - Enjoy your flight
How to eFoil? Now you know. So, now it's your turn
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