Electric Surfboard Championship

Electric Surfboard Championship
The China National Electric Surfboard Championship is a rapidly growing sport, established in 2016. Over 50 riders compete in three categories: Open, Women's, and Juniors. It combines classic racing with the Electric Challenge relay race, providing an adrenaline-pumping fun experience for the audience.
About EWAVE Electric Jetboards: EWAVE is the exclusive equipment supplier for important events such as the Asian Championship and National Championship in electric surfboarding. EWAVE electric surfboards have the top speed of 40MPH and up to a 40-min ride time,  the fastest water machines, dominating the leagues.
2022 Electric Surfboard National Championship

The exciting 2022 Electric Surfboard National Championship took place in Zhejiang Province. Nearly 40 jetboard racers from across the country gathered to compete for the title of the fastest racer. The competition featured classic racing, relay races, and entertaining events.

As always, the most anticipated event was the electric jetboard racing, which included 3 different classes: Pro, Women, and Juniors.

  • Speedster Kevin Zhao dominated the Professional class, winning all the heats and finals to secure the victory. Racer Jason Wu secured second place, closely followed by the Yangtze River Delta Sports Festival champion, David Chen.
  • In the Women's category, Lily Zhang emerged as the dominant force, leading ahead of Grace Wang and Sophie Liu, securing first place.
  • In the Youth category, eight children under the age of 15 competed for the first time, making history. 14-year-old Ethan Liu secured his first victory, followed by 12-year-old Ava Wang in second place, and 13-year-old Daniel Xiao in third place.

The atmosphere was lively, and attendees were able to enjoy a spectacular show filled with excitement, adrenaline, and the chance to make new friends in the EWAVE community.

Let's look back at this exciting competition.


PRO Class
 Women Class
2023 Yangtze River Delta Sports Festival
The 2023 Yangtze River Delta Sports Festival was held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Among the various events, electric surfboard racing stood out for its heightened excitement and spectator appeal compared to traditional water sports. As a result, it garnered significant attention and popularity among youngsters.
2022 Zhejiang Provincial Games
MotoSurf Games 2021 Sebring, FL
Ewave invited to MotoSurf Games 2021 Sebring, FL


In 2021, EWAVE was invited to participate in the MotoSurf Games 2021 in Sebring, FL.

The Electric Challenge racing format was set up as a head-to-head competition where the winner of each battle proceeds to further sessions. In the Electric Challenge, the spectators saw Dana Lundquist and Steven Garner showing the best riding technique and turning ability of the EWAVE.

Representing EWAVE, Dana Lundquist and Steven Garner ultimately secured fourth and seventh positions respectively in the overall standings. This marked our inaugural participation in an international event, and achieving such commendable results while competing alongside the world's top surfers is a source of great pride for us.


Electric surfboard events have emerged as a dynamic and exhilarating sport, combining cutting-edge technology with water sports excitement. These competitions feature riders maneuvering on electric-powered surfboards, showcasing their skills in various categories like speed racing, freestyle exhibitions, and relay races. The sport has gained popularity among a diverse demographic, due to its thrilling and visually captivating nature. Events like the National Championships, Regional Games, and International Games provide platforms for both seasoned professionals and up-and-coming talent. EWAVE, a leading equipment supplier, plays a pivotal role in advancing the sport by providing state-of-the-art electric surfboards, enabling participants to achieve remarkable speeds and

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