Why Ewave

Ewave brief introduction
Ewave is a motorized electric surfing board, it allows you to take a stimulating ride on serene waters. It is one of the fastest growing water sports out there, and a newest lifestyle and vocation choice, credit to the amazing speed of 40mph it can reach. We are the inventor and consistent updater of electrical surfing board, having developed the safest and most durable components use on the water. And with the electrical attribute of Ewave board, you can take it out for a ride on the water that prohibit gas-powered machine. Whether you’re new to surfing, or an experienced thrill-seeker, into flat lakes or riding big surf, the Ewave surfing board allows you to craft the adventure.
Why Ewave?
We have developed the safest components use on the water, including Sony battery cells and a 48V Low voltage system, which protects your property and individual safty. Ewave electric jetboard is the only one that pass US Coast Guard certification. The use of Ewave electric surfing board conforms to the safety standard of USCG.

The ewave electric jetbord has a 6000 RPM engine, promising the top speed of up to 40miles Per hour and a battery life of up to 45 minutes, giving you the best extreme speed experience on the water.

We provide a one-year manufacturer defects warranty, and our product is exquisitely designed and made of high-strength carbon fiber shell, high-performance brushless waterproof motor, high-quality waterproof and explosion-proof lithium battery pack, and highly intelligent electrical control system, all of which are changeable parts, making the whole maintenance procedure easier and quicker.

1、New dual system,which lets you switch between jetborad and hydrofoil attachment, making it the first two in one solution on the market, combining jetboard and efoil together as an <br>interchangeable system.

2、Customize your own Ewave board, create your own artwork and we can manufacture your personalized ewave surfboard.

3、Foot pad made of D30
smart material, protecting your body. The protection comes d3o's ability to stiffens on impact as the molecules lock together–the harder the hit, the tighter the lock, with the molecules instantaneously return to their original state after impact.