E-Scooter Limited Warranty

Limited Warranty – KOPUWAY Electric Scooters


What Is the Period of Coverage?

The limited warranty pertains to any of the essential electric scooter components (the “Covered Components”) that are found defective, provided that the product was used in a standard and controlled manner and was maintained according to the manufacturer's instructions manual.
Below are parts that are defined as warranty covered electric scooter components that carry a manufacturer’s warranty from the original date of purchase:


  • Vehicle Body: 2-Year Warranty – Including Hub Motor, Battery, Dashboard, Front Fork Assembly, Brake Handle, Electronic Throttle
  • Components Subject to Wear: 1-Year Warranty - Handlebar Grips, Parking Stand Assembly, Headlight Assembly

This limited warranty is not meant to suggest or imply that the electric scooter cannot be broken or will last forever. It does mean that the electric scooter is covered subject to the terms of the limited warranty.

Who May Use This Warranty?

This limited warranty applies only to the original owner of a KOPUWAY electric scooter, sold by a KOPUWAY approved retailer, and is not transferable to subsequent owners. This is a consumer warranty and does not apply to products used commercially or in rental operations.

Any items purchased from private sellers, online auction sites, including eBay, liquidators, or items sold "as-is" or "final sale" or from clearance or going-out-of-business sales are not covered by warranty

Any other remedy, such as compensation for damages of any kind or loss of use, is excluded. The warranty period cannot be extended by granting an additional warranty.

What Are Your Remedies Under This Warranty?

During the duration of this limited warranty, KOPUWAY will either repair any defective Covered Component, or, at our option, replace any defective covered component with the same or most nearly comparable model or component then available.

Warranty claims that have been fulfilled do not cause the warranty period to be extended, nor do they trigger a new warranty period. The warranty period for any replacement parts and the original unit ends with the warranty period for the entire product.

All labor charges for warranty service are the responsibility of the electric scooter’s owner.

If a defective part is not covered by the Limited Warranty, KOPUWAY will suggest other parts (“Other Parts”), to the purchaser, at the purchaser’s cost. The purchaser will also be responsible for the shipping costs. All labor charges incurred by the purchaser for Other Parts are the responsibility of the electric scooter’s owner.


What Does This Warranty Not Cover?

The KOPUWAY limited manufacturer’s warranty does not cover damage of any parts resulting from normal wear and tear, including the results of fatigue. Fatigue damage is a symptom of the frame or other parts being worn out through normal use. It is one kind of normal wear and tear, and it is the owner’s responsibility to inspect their electric kick scooter before every ride to ensure personal safety, and the safety of those around them. 

  • This limited warranty is void if the electric kick scooter is subjected to a crash, abuse, neglect, improper repair, improper maintenance, alteration, modification, theft, robbery, vandalism, incidental, consequential, or intentional damage, an accident or other abnormal, excessive, or improper use.
  • Improper assembly or installation.
  • Improper alteration or installation of components, parts or accessories not originally intended for or compatible with the Product.
  • Damage as a result of accidents, collisions, road hazards, or operation on surfaces, such as stairs, not intended for conventional e-electric kick scooter use; damage from external factors such as salt air or saltwater, bird droppings, chemicals, or other liquids.
  • Products with alterations or additions of non-original or Incompatible Parts, including but not limited to tires, brake pads, lights, motors, battery packs, displays, controllers, etc.
  • Products with damage resulting from improper maintenance (e.g., storing battery fully discharged over the winter) or adjustments (e.g., not taking the electric kick scooter to a professional repair shop for maintenance).
  • Products that have been used or transported improperly (e.g., exceeding maximum weight recommendation).
  • Paint damage or rust.
  • Damage caused by stunt riding, racing, or other abusive treatment.
  • Damage associated with rental operations or commercial applications, such as, but not limited to transporting cargo, delivering newspapers, and rental homes.
  • Product that has the serial number or the bar code removed, defaced, damaged, altered or made illegible.
  • Failure to perform maintenance or service at appropriate intervals in accordance with the written instructions provided with the Product.


It is also declared on the respective product pages if the product is not covered under this warranty. 


KOPUWAY reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to interpret, modify and amend this warranty policy at any time.

For all inquiries on warranty and returns, please contact us at: info@kopuwayglobal.com